Infinity Investments

A full stack business site which maps over large sets of historical trade data provided from my forex broker. The app converts the data into interactive visualizations built with D3 and GreenSock.

Built with React, Express, MongoDB, GreenSock, D3 & JavaScript ES6

Crypto Minerz

This full stack e-commerce site was collaboratively built with 2 friends. It uses the BestBuy API to market GPU's and other mining hardware. Includes a wishlist, cart, checkout, profile, and user authentication.

Built with ReactStrap, JavaScript, MongoDB, Express, Node.js & CSS


This is a MERN full stack app. It makes Axios requests to a MongoDB which allows adding, removing and saving plants or gardens. It also provides custom plant recommendations based on companion planting.

Built with React, MongoDB, Express, Mongoose, Node.js, JavaScript ES6 & CSS


This is a front-end React application that is not your average Blackjack game. It is designed to teach players how to count cards and maintains comprehensive game analytics. It uses the Deck of Cards API to provide deck, card, and shuffle functionality.

Built with React, ES6 & CSS

Colossal Adventure

A text-based RPG that utilizes readline-sync to accept user input and provide interaction directly within the console. This was my first logic heavy project and I included npm-play for sound effects and ASCII art for an immersive game.

Built with Node.js & JavaScript

CSS Zen Garden

A fully responsive front-end site created as a clone of the original based solely on a PSD. This illustrates the ability to replicate ideas from a design team's mock-ups and implement those into a fully realized project. Landing page only.

Built with HTML5 & CSS3

NPM Packages

This is the list of all the NPM packages I have built. One to remove all whitspace from a string. Another to parse out specific information from the current date and time displayed by the users system. Links are in the Git repo readme.

Built with Node.js, NPM & JavaScript